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L I F E  T R A N S I T I O N S


Who Am I Now?

This is the question we have to dare to ask ourselves. After we have accomplished all that we thought we were supposed to or at moments when we question if we've accomplished enough, we can wonder what comes next. We might think we are too old to dream. But the reality is that we are always too young to stop.

Exercising, buying creams and serums, and listening to empowerment webinars all convey an implicit idea that we want to do more than just survive; we want not only to age well, but to thrive in ways we never dreamed were possible. If you want more for your life, but find yourself in midlife and experiencing fear and imposter syndrome, I can help you identify what is holding you back. Life is finite. Your journey will end, but you have decades of life left before that happens. How do you want to live during this precious time?

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